Winter: Issue 1


Rasha Abdulhadi – Brain Worm, M and the Mountain, Lament of the TicToc Woman

Suzanne Bair – More than a Diagnosis Code

Marlena Chertock – Poems

Catharine Clark-Sayles – For Want of a Gene, Iconic, To White Coats

Judith Cohen – Pray for Willie

Bill DeArmond – Pixelating My Memory

Jessica Lynne Henkle – I Can Describe This

Katy Horan – Sitting in the Folding Black Chair of Compassion

Hunter Liguore – Some Kind of Normal

George Morgan – Powder Blue

Dayna Troisi – Devoted Daddy Seeks Sexy Stump Woman, Amputee Camp, One Handed Proble

Gabby Vachon – Nurse Barbie, Unhinged at 3 AM, Sharp Red Tongue


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