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For fiction and non-fiction, we are looking for pieces to be in the range of 3000-6000 words. However, if something is extremely captivating and fits in with our message, submit it. I’m willing to bend arbitrary word counts for pieces that can move people. Long-form journalism about patient or doctor experiences within the medical industry are always welcome. With fiction we are looking for pieces that are written by someone in the medical field, someone who has been or still is a patient, as well as fiction stories whose characters may have a disability or health issue. It doesn’t need to be the main focus, but readers having greater access to characters with disability furthers our mission to take away the “otherness” that attaches itself to disability narratives.

Three to five poems can be submitted at a time. If you have literary work that does not fit into this neat and tidy box, please send it anyway. This could range from short plays to a comic book issue. The literary world is expanding in amazing ways, and our ultimate focus is on words, not necessarily in what medium they are presented in. Each submission will be reviewed on a case by case basis to make sure it fits within the issue. Our focus is on innovation not routine.

Simultaneous submissions are perfectly fine. I know how frustrating waiting on each individual lit review can be. Please be considerate and let me know if your piece was picked up elsewhere. Work must be previously unpublished. If accepted, Tiny Tim Literary Review will hold rights for 90 days, at which point they will resort back to you. However, if republished elsewhere, we ask you link back to us as the original source of publishing.

Please use Submittable, if possible, to submit your completed work. I’m happy to answer any questions via e-mail. Pitches and uncompleted work will not be considered. Please use proper formatting – putting one space between sentences instead of two. Expect a few weeks for me to get back to you. I am a small yet determined operation who is known for prompt responsiveness. I won’t leave you hanging. This is a startup out of passion.

Be sure to include a short cover letter and bio. Writers whose work is accepted will be compensated at $50 to be paid through PayPal. As we grow, we hope to be able to offer more. If you submit your piece, you are agreeing to all that has been stated above.

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