Tiny Tim Literary Review is a triannual literary review with a goal to normalize chronically ill/disability narratives in addition to humanizing medical professionals through their stories. We’ll be taking in fiction, poetry, and nonfiction work primarily. We’re also open to other formats as they present themselves. Dismantling ableism is important while also providing a place for medical narratives.

Why Tiny Tim? Because we are here to show that a great work of writing doesn’t always have to mean the disabled person has to be overly courageous or heroic. The same goes for people in the medical field. We are all fallible, and that’s the beauty of what adds to our work. This isn’t a literary review of inspiration and overcoming, it’s a literary review of rawness and truth.

In addition to all of this, the plan is to go above and beyond a literary review. Future goals include writing classes and camps offered to ill or disabled individuals as well as writing classes for medical staff. It helps everyone to have their stories be heard! The other goal is to provide books for hospitals. Children’s hospitals often only have books available for very young kids. We’d like to see this expanded to books available for older pediatric patients as well as books available for adults in settings such as infusion clinics and hospitals.

About the Editor

samijankinsSami Jankins holds an MFA in Screenwriting from UC-Riverside at Palm Desert and is the founder of The Tiny Tim Literary Review. Previously she was a dating advice columnist for The Good Men Project’s column – Dating in the Digital Age with Sami Jankins as well as the press and social media editor for The Coachella Review. She wrote a blog for a number of years called Chronicles of Cheerful Clotter for HemAware Magazine, where she detailed her life with chronic health conditions. Sami is also an associate producer and press manager for the documentary Invisible: The Film, which focuses on individuals living with chronic pain and invisible illness. She has served on the Board of Directors for the National Hemophilia Foundation, spent time as a Senatorial intern, and was Miss Wisconsin for the ANTSO program. In addition, she has had articles published in Chronicality, Elephant Journal, The Glow (Australia), I.G. Living Magazine, The Manifest-Station, The Mighty, National Pain Report, Ravishly, and YourTango. Her interests include ukuleles and sloths. Find her @SamiDan19.

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